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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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A genus comprises of a group of related species which has more characters in common in comparison to species of other genera. Higher the category, greater is the difficulty of determining the relationship to other taxa at the same level. Going higher from species to kingdom, the number of common characteristics goes on increasing. All organisms, including plants and the animal kingdom, have species as the lowest category.

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are front hair question age select the incorrect statement statement when it when was comprised of a group of related species which has more character in common in comparison to speech of Alexandra given higher the category greater is the difficulty of remaining relationship to other tractor at the same level going higher from specific to Kingdom the number of common characters goes on increasing or organs including Plant and Animal kingdom have the lowest category question concept events question tractoron Mein Khair ki what tractor ki so what is taxonomic hierarchy to it is having different type of the

category that highest age Kingdom that Kingdom where is Phylum Arthropoda Phylum class 8 the class order after order family and after family genus and last one is species about common level most common features for most common characteristics are found in Species level features and this

HBL to freedom complexity will be increased complexity will be increasing or we can say that differential level will also increase now talk about that more than species or we can say group of more than a species will became genus and more than one will be vacant family so that the sequence for that increasing order now talk about options first option is given a gene is comprised of group of related species in which has more common character comparison to spirit of other gender so that is right second one is higher the category greater the difficulty to determining the

essence of time table that is also it because we have discussed that if there is higher Kingdom Kingdom and we are integrating two species to freedom there is complexity will be increased so that is also right now going higher from species to Kingdom number of common character will be increased that is incorrect because if we are going SPG to Kingdom the number of common factor will be degrees so that last one is for including plant and animal species at the lowest category so that is correct option for this question is option 3 I hope you understand this solution thank you

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QuestionSelect the incorrect statement.
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