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Class 12






Reproduction In Organisms


Select the incorrect statement...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Select the incorrect statement


Text Solution

Zygote is thick walled diploid sexual spore Flowers are bisexual in sweet potato Ulothrix shows external fertilisation The nucule in Chara has a cap of five coronary cells

Answer : A


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Chapter NameReproduction In Organisms
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question here to start select the incorrect statement sure it is that the zygote is thick walled deployed sexual sporshia so how the zygote is formed by the fusion between the male and female gamete this is the part of the sexual reproduction When the sperm and egg day cute together they will result in the formation of diploid zygote and zygote it is not be sport here it is the cell form a bunch of a cell which will provide will lead to the formation of the embryo Bhojpuri crore into the adult organism that happens in the Asexual mode of reproduction like in the bacteria here where they can actually SKP non favourable condition statement the flowers thereby sexual in the sweet potato by section that both the male and female sex organ both sex organs they are present

simpla tear right they are present on the same plant and yes in case of the sweet potato we fight we found that the male part as well as female parts estimate at the couple they are present in the same flower this is the correct statement not the auctioneer will it show the external fertilization yes it shows the external fertilization because it's been filamentous algae algae which will produce a dmit into the outside environment year and then the fusion will happen in the outer environment not inside the body is also the correct statement the last says that the ritual in the 4 hour has the cap of the five coronary calcium it is green algae and it has the presence of the six organs the male and female sex organ here the mail

organ it is known as the globe you it is the globe you here and female sex organ it is known as if we see above the ritual there is the five coronavirus cells present rate coronavirus present on the surface of the ritual and they are present in number 5 also the correct statement option one is incorrect


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