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Select the incorrect match for...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Select the incorrect match for C_(4) cycle

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Primary `CO_(2)` fixation product `- PGA`Site for initial carboxylation - mesophyll cellsPrimary `CO_(2)` acceptor `- PEP``C_(4)` plant- Maize.

Answer : A

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Question Details till 28/06/2022

Chapter NamePhotosynthesis
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello front hair question is select the incorrect match for C4 cycle Roshan first stage primary CO2 fixation product it PGA site for initial curve of lesson is image of primary CO2 acceptor in C3 and C4 plants example is made so this question we need to discuss about C4 cycle so as we know that she would likely is completed into two types of cells in that first one is multiple cells and second one is wonders itself so here we are writing to component this is music princess now second one wonders itself

this is bundle sheath cells if we talk about now C4 cycle starting with CO2 acceptor and this is accepted by and by pp3 carbon compound and carbon is one carbon compounds show by combining it is for me a four carbon compound which is called as a a ok acetic acid and this oxaloacetic acid is four carbon compound that's why it's cycle called as C4 cycle and this is

converting into merit iron or unmarried and smell it is now transferring into 1 deceased cells and forming pyruvate this is for me pyruvate + CO2 now taking place in two or three cycle and this pyruvate is converting into a cause this pyruvate is also a 3 carbon compound so that is all about C4 cycle that primary CO2 fixation product in fpga that is incorrect because primary CO2 fixation product age of Acetic Acid second one is site for initial carboxylation is useful cells that is right because carboxylation of carbon dioxide

is happening in to so that's why it is correct primary CO2 acceptor is that is also occur because this CO2 is accepted by PPP it is also an example of a plant is made to that is also write question is are saying that which one is incorrect statement in correct option for the question is option first I hope you understand this solution thank you

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