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Select the correct match of air pollution source with the type of pollutant and the effect it produces.


Text Solution

Chemical factory NO2 Ozone hole
Automobile exhaust N2O Asphyxia effect
Heavy industry CO2 Acid rain
Incinerators NOx gases Photochemical smog
The correct Answer is D
Nitrogen oxides are produced naturally through biological and non-biological activities. Human activity forms nitrogen oxides in combustion process of industries, automobiles, incinerators and nitrogen fertillisers. Nitrogen oxides give rise to photochemical smog.


19 question where are asked to select the correct match of air pollution sources with the type of pollutants and the effect it produces rights basically the first option in the first option given the chemical factory and the type of pollution that it produces is NO2 and perfected producers on the is the Ozone hole so this is wrong because the chemical factories were basically released the chemical such as the Mercury on the arsenic write these are the major pollution sources and we talk about the air pollution sources chemical factories there is some they never released the NO2 first fall and NO2 does not lead to the Ozone hole tickets for the Ozone hole the CFC is there chlorofluorocarbons there majorly responsibilities are some of the Chemicals right that a released from the summer
chemical factories that leads to the Ozone hole so we can say that this is wrong no the next one is that automobile exhaust has the it releases the end to write and leads to the attic she writes with this is even wrong right because the automobile exhaust it is equally contains the nitrogen oxide right that leads to somehow some respiratory problems no doubt but it does not contain the anode and to this is wrong right now the third parties that heavy industry leads to the production of Co2 that leads to the acid rain sofa the acid rain that certain acidic gases which are responsible right and the acidic gases are SO2 Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide and not the kind of side so this is even wrong right and lastly we are given incinerators write a release the nitrogen of
Casa that leads to the photochemical smog so that's true that nitrogen oxide there when they are basically produced naturally through the biological and non biological activities for human activities performed in nitrogen oxide in combustion process of industries automobiles in generator and nitrogen fertilizer for nitrogen oxides when the combined with the hydro card write hydrocarbon in presence of in presence of the UV rays are the sunlight basically produces the photochemical smog write it produces the photo chemical and which is even lead to the formation of the secondary pollutants pollutants that is the pH and right that is peroxyacetyl nitrate so we can say that this could be the correct option yours we can say that this is the colour
answer right


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