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Class 12






Test 6


Select incorrectly matched pai...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Select incorrectly matched pair

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Text Solution

LDP __ Flowering below critical photoperiodSDP ___ SoyabeanDNP __ Flowering throughout the yearLow temperature stimulus ___ Perceived by mature shoot apex

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Chapter NameTest 6
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Video - English
In Text - English
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the question is select in correctly matched pair these options one by one first starting with N dp for long day plants flowering pillow critical photo period discuss what is critical photoperiods length of the length of photoperiod above or below which flowering occurs so talking about the long day plant a long day plants flower during summer at the record a longer duration of light then the critical photo period for

longer duration of light then critical photo field hence this option is in correctly matched as it says that ldp quiz flowering below the critical photo period but it requires above the photo period for flowering so this option is incorrect coming to the second option says STP soyabean see what is sgpt as DP means Rajiv discuss long day plants sem short day plants during winter and the day length is shorter than the

examples of short day plants include soybean and tobacco samples in flute Daliya accept this option is correctly matched as 11 is a short day plant third statement is the flowering throughout the year so what is DNB 10p refers to day neutral plants plan these plants flower throughout the year round and their independent of the duration of photoperiod independent of photo period and that is why

this flower throughout the year throughout the year so this option is also correctly matched to the fourth option it says that low temperature stability perceived by mature so cold treatment which is also known as vernalisation to the stimulus of vernalization is readily perceived by to improve active and other meristematic Re shoot root an other meristematic this

option is also correctly nice shoot effect that we should take hence we have the final answer as the is correctly matched pair is LTP flowering below critical photo ldp required longer duration of flight that is above critical photo

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