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Class 12






Organisms And The Environment


Select incorrect statement ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Select incorrect statement

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Text Solution

Sulphur deficiency causes chlorosis of younger leaves, stunted growth and anthocyanin accumulation. Magnesium deficiency may cause premature leaf abscission.The chlorosis of leaves is a typical symptom of iron deficiency. The symptoms of Molybdenum deficiency include Rosette like appearance and Khaira disease of rice

Solution : Rosette like appearance and Khaira disease of rice is due to deficiency of Zn.


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Chapter NameOrganisms And The Environment
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone to question is asked to select incorrect statement option so let's talk about the first option M pocket epotec on mango is comments to the interaction between the Orchid and the mango tree is example of commensalism this is example of Commissioner lysm in which one species get affected and will remain unaffected so this is the correct option but not too are question select move to the next option word laying eggs in the nest of another for incubation shows brood parasitism this is

the correct statement that tourism is a home formation of process with the words lead on their eggs in other words next move to the next option this is also not the correct option to our question because they have a select the incorrect statement this is the correct it so we are moving towards the next option which is most animals and plants maintain a constant internal temperature so as the options we have studied this statement is also true because there are some species animals or organism that maintain their warm blood

and does not get affected by the internal and external temperature and they maintain their we can also see them warm blooded animals and organisms this is also the correct statement not match to our questions answer let's move toward the third option which is small animals are there in polar region talk about this and spots in light on this option according to allen's rule organisms

polar regions like colder regions have smaller Limbs and addition it states that that the colder regions have the more smaller animals or limozin advertising this statement is wrong but right to answer the right answer to your question is option number B officer number de or the fourth answer smaller animal are there in polar region is the correct option thank you so much everyone


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