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Cohesion - mutual attraction between water molecules. Adhesion - attraction of water molecules to polar surfaces Surface Tension - water molecules are attracted to each other in the liquid phase more than to water in the gas phase.Tensile strength- the ability to rise in thin tubes.

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The ability to rise in thin tubes is called capillarity. Tensile strength is an ability to resist a pulling force.


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ok the questionnaire se select the incorrect Macha Ke select the incorrect in march past in this position mutual attraction between water molecules what do you mean by position this attraction between bottom it is the attraction between molecules of similar triangles se shoes of similar kind so here are the definition mutual attraction between water water molecules is correct with this statement is correct statement says at Asian attraction of water molecules Police officers of attraction between molecules of different kinds motivation actually designs attraction between molecules of different types of attraction between molecules of different kinds of the statement your series attraction of water molecules Apollo surface this statement is also the surface tension

says water molecules are attracted to each other in the liquid phase more than that are more than to the Water in the gas phase definition of surface tension it is the attraction of water molecules so this statement is also correct and three surface tension designs attraction between molecular orbitals in the water molecules of water water molecules interaction of water molecules in the liquid phase which is more than the attraction between our cats Asia sleep in the Glacier statement is also the last is tensile strength the ability to rise in sent us this statement is wrong because tensile strength and tensile strength of potential strength actually defines the ability to register pulling

racist calling so so this is the definition of tensile strength the definition that is given here the ability to rise in sim gives it is capillary it is not 10 science in the list so if we see select the incorrect match it will be our answer will be answer number

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