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Plant Kingdom


Select an incorrect statement ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Select an incorrect statement for gymnosperms

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Gymnosperms are heterosporous  Sporangia are borne on sporophyllsDevelopment of pollen grains take place within the microsporangiaMicrospores develop into a male gametophytic generation which is highly developed

Answer : D

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Chapter NamePlant Kingdom
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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students the question says select select an incorrect statement for gymnosperms so let's discuss about gymnosperms what are gymnosperms ok so gymnosperms where naked seed right there naked peach naked seat over here means that the ovule is not enclosed by any ovary wall gymnosperms are perennial they are perennial they are evergreen and they are Woody ok they are heterosporous retro Porus they generate two kinds of course ok to kind of

sports that are produced with sporangium Subah it is produced within the sporangium ok this sporangium born on what they born on the bond on profits are right so now there are microscopes sorry microspores that are developed or right so microspores over here they develop into male generation male generation condition ok

which is highly reduced so this may lead generation condition is highly reduced produced and it is confined to Limited number of cells a right now this reduced gametophyte is called as this reduced gametophyte is called pollen grain ok which is developed within micro sporangium ok the options to the first option says that gymnosperms are at respond to yes this is true write this is not the incorrect statement write another option says that

sporangium are born on 4 often so we discussed over here that foreign overhears collinear they born on sporophylls this option is also true and it's not an incorrect statement to the third option that says development of pollen grains take place within the microsporangia to be discussed over here that Pollen Grain right they developed within the microsporangium option number 3 is also correct statement which makes it the incorrect statement for the given the sperm option number four that says microspores develop into a male gametophyte generation which is highly developed but we discussed over here that the mail generation condition over here is highly reduced and not developed so I option number 4 will become the correct answer that

is the incorrect statement for the gymnosperms I hope that solve equation thank you

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