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Plant Kingdom


Select an incorrect statement ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Select an incorrect statement for gymnosperms

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Roots in some genera have fungal association in the form of mycorrhiza  Leaves may be simple or compound  In conifers, leaves reduce the surface areaOvules are not enclosed by any integument

Answer : D

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Chapter NamePlant Kingdom
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question se select an incorrect statement for general AC which are the incorrect statement among the following person troops in some general have fungal association the power of now in gymnosperms in the first statement yes with roots some the primary its and it's some branches consists of the tap root system located in some general like pinus ok sound like finance has an association perform have Mangal Association association to form mycorrhiza so statement is correct the second statement says leaves may be simple or compound is this statement is also correct it leaves the simple or compound ok

both simple and compound leaves at present ok simple and compound visa present ok I just simple or compound keep it simple or compound leaves now we have another question if else statement in conifers leaves reduce the surface area of the second statement is correct vce AC in the third statement in coniferous tree produces a surface area of what happens in leaves in gymnosperms are well adapted ok leaves what is gymnosperms are well adapted well adapted to withstand high temperatures extreme temperatures ok extreme temperature condition is now like human it event

humidity events in coniferous what happens in needle like leaves a reduced at the needle like leaves are produced reduce the surface area cake face area production in Kondapur to reduce to needle like to reduce surface of the statement is also the last statement says fuels are not enclosed by the statement is active role because what happens in megasporophyll the compact arranged to form the female strawberry for macrospora and chips eat a integumented megasporangium ke gymnosperms gymnosperms appears in procurement megasporangium Windows forms

integument Edward in procurement and megasporangium megasporangia you can see this statement se soap use and not enclosed by the integument of this is wrong answer will be which statement is incorrect it will be our fourth statement is incorrect answer is 4

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