Question : Select an incorrect statement for cereal seeds

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Select an incorrect statement for cereal seeds

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Seed coat is membranous Endosperm is bulky and stores food . The embryo is very large and situated in a groove at one end of the endosperm. The outer covering of endosperm separates the embryo by a proteinous layer called aleurone layer

Answer :


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the questionnaire se select an incorrect statement for the serial save the date the first statement that is sales quotas membrane is this statement is actually true the seat quota in nature what is it is membrane is a national also confused with the football use without root now a second statement says endosperm is bulky and stores with is the endosperm is balki in maicham endosperm is bulky nature and stores fat in our serials in stores now that statement sleeves and travels lodge is situated in a group and one end of the statement is incorrect statement is incorrect why doesn't correct in serious eats moseley our end

small small small in nature and yes it is situated at one end is situated and one and so this statement is our and correct it was not very large it is actually one of the last statement check the Last Airbender says the outer covering of the endosperm separate and driver bhaiya proteinaceous there was the allure of the statement is also correct the outer covering of the endosperm is separated and response separate the end by predaceous there for the statement is also couldn't three statements are correct and incorrect statement is number 3 OK so the incorrect statement is option number 3

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QuestionSelect an incorrect statement for cereal seeds
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