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Class 12






Transport In Plants


Select an incorrect statement ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Select an incorrect statement

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Text Solution

Root pressure has never been observed in confiners Root pressure cannot be inhibited by using cyanide , lack of `O_(2)` and low temperature Root pressure can re-establish the continuous chain of water molecules in the xylem Develops during early morning and night

Answer : B


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Chapter NameTransport In Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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understand about this question and question says that select the incorrect statement we have to find the incorrect statement of these 214 statement is given the root pressure has never been observed in this is the correct statement here we know that the root pressure has a never has been observed in the final so this is incorrect because this is correct statement the root pressure cannot be inhibited by using cyanide lack of O2 and low temperature this particular statement here is given in correctly so the answer will be option be because if we talk about this cyanide to sign it is what is basically a poison

decide which lead to B B D cytochrome of the day which is the very important enzyme of enzyme of electron transport chain sabhi ko distance time is inhibited here so that mean the electron transport chain is disrupt the etc electron transport system is now district important role in the synthesis of ATP synthesis of ATP molecule which is energy currency in this process so no ATP

no ATP synthesis and due to their because the energy molecule is not there so the root pressure how to do processor is it so we can say that no root pressure will be no root pressure and pressure is not created here so the root we can see that the harmful role in our plant and basically the movement of the transport is based on the pressure to due to this day transportation will be disturbed the transportation of substances are very very foreign molecules are we can say that the whole process is

disturbed option will be incorrect because given in this statement the root pressure can not inhibited but we can see that root pressure in heated by night and lack of O2 is again a given in correctly so this will be the correct answer because remaining two options are also correct root pressure can root pressure Kendriya stablished the continuous chain of water molecule in the xylem so this is again a correct statement for this will be the correct develops during early morning night this is a correct statement root pressure can be re-established the continuous stream of water molecule in the xylem we know that the xylem through the xylem water movement is done in the plant that is why this will be the correct statement to the answer

here is option B thank you


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