Question : Seed dormancy is caused by

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Seed dormancy is caused by

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we have to discuss about the seed dormancy options are for Acetic Acid S Isabella casset hard is ethyl cytokinin to discuss about the cause of seed dormancy of seed dormancy that what is seed dormancy ok no that the state dormancy is what it defined as a state in which state are prevented from germination ok ok even under the environmental condition they are prevented from termination even under the

environmental conditions normal environment recondition ok acid regulates many processes during plant life cycle many processes ok many process got that it includes events during said it includes the event event during seed formation during formation it also prevented precaution termination

precocious germination Nation and it all to induce dormancy it also 48 dormancy or it induces seed dormancy in plants ok now electricity auction purchaser casset which is the correct answer here right as be discussed at the correct answer but it also displays the other options as this option is incorrect as this acid-induced the seed germination of seed dormancy

action ok this option is also and correct answer is included in the ripening of fruit fruit ok next cytokinin this option is also in correct and these cytokines and involved in this position it involved in the correct answer is which acid which causes Vitamin C thank you

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QuestionSeed dormancy is caused by
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