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Class 12






Anatomy Of Flowering Plants


Secondary xylem and phloem in...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Secondary xylem and phloem in dicot stem are produced by

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Axilary meristems Phellogen Vascular Cambiumapical meristem

Answer : C

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Chapter NameAnatomy Of Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone is to the question question says that secondary xylem and phloem in Dicot stem are produced by so the question is asking S xylem and secondary phloem how their produce and which tissue is responsible for the production options that we're having are extremely distance phellogen vascular cambium pickle next time so let's do the question secondary xylem and secondary phloem are produced by a tissue known as the vascular cambium secondary xylem and secondary phloem are produced during the secondary growth in case of dicot plants so

what exactly list understand what is vascular cambium to increase of plants xylem and phloem in between the xylem and phloem we find a tissue known as the vascular cambium so this is phloem which is outside the vascular cambium and this is xylem which is inside the vascular cambium between the xylem and phloem we find tissue known as the vascular cambium this best cooler cambium produce new phloem and new xylem known as the secondary xylem and secondary phloem during the time of secondary growth in Dicot plants 16 seater auctions the first option is auxiliary Mel stamp exhilar email stamp is present at the exit of the least exhilar email them rent at the base of the leaf and it is not responsible for the production of new xylem and phloem of secondary xylem and phloem

to this is not the character second option is halogen halogen is another category of Lateral Meristem but phellogen is involved in the formation of cork is involved in the formation of coc so if this is halogen halogen producers or in case of plants so halogen is cork cambium because it produces cal so it is not the correct answer also best cooler cambium is the correct answer vascular cambium is present between phloem and xylem as just now we have seen it produces secondary xylem in Secondary phloem apical Meristem is also not the correct answer because apical Meristem is present at the tip of the plant and It helped in the elongation and does not produce the second is elements in the front of the correct answer of this question is best coloured cambium

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