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Class 12






Anatomy Of Plant Parts


secondary growth in dicot pl...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: secondary growth in dicot plants is mediated by

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Text Solution

cork cambium vascular cambiumwound cambiumboth A and B

Answer : d

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Chapter NameAnatomy Of Plant Parts
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students questions a secondary growth in Dicot plants is mediated by given options are cork cambium festival cambium and cork cambium or both a and talk about growth in Dicot plants in Dicot stem secondary growth take place by the formation of two types of

ok types of caviar one is vascular cambium another one is coc so in vascular cambium it is formed by joining of intra and interfascicular cambium

interfascicular ok cell divide and they produced colour tissues and Drake and timer shoes and about cork cambium

cambium formed by differentiation of cortical tissues that are present in the these cortical tissues their presence in the court periclinal division ok produce ok words

its outer side inner side ok Navratri number 3 is wound cambium wound cambium is the cambium formed within a masses Austin which is known as catalyst big bro over the image

draw over injured faagun and repair wound cambium it is asking secondary growth in Dicot plants is mediated by so it is done by both the cork cambium and the vascular cambium alright that we discussed that invest in it gives glow to the secondary

vascular tissues and rate and fork of cambium are divided periclinal and tries to copy watches outside and secondary cortex in the inner side of A and B are correct

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