Updated on:26/04/2023

Sclerenchyma cells found in seed coats and pulp of fruits



hello student let's start education the patient eat the stair climbing kamma cell found in C course and Pulp of fruit is known as the answer cal now what is cal and what is their function to these are found in different shapes the shapes could be circle the over 1 and even cylindrical these are present in the various plant tissues what are the plant tissue called it could be in paradise Ek DN portex
the teeth the xylem the phloem Delhi and cal are these are found in any of the plant tissues these are mentioned here to the hardness of the shell of nuts or the coat of many seeds that is called the seed coat and even the stone of groups stone of grosvenor 20 the Rupee fruits should be carry 1 dis plums this is due to which type of the stem cells which are present
organs these type of cells are formed by the secondary wall thickening secondary wall thickening of the parent timer cell this was my answer I'm Open Translate to you thank you


Step by step video solution for Sclerenchyma cells found in seed coats and pulp of fruits by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 7 exams.

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