Question : Rupture of chordae tendineae:

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Rupture of chordae tendineae:

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Help the A-V valve to closePrevent the bulging of A-V valve into the atria during contractionCauses regurgination of blood into the atria during ventricular systoleHas no effect on haemodynamics of circulation

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hello everyone let's start the questionable questions is that rupture of cawdor tantani forces helped the evil to close S prevent the bulging of a variable into the Atria during the contraction what is causes recursion nation of the blood into the Atria during the ventricular system and fourth one has no effect on the hemodynamics of the circulation so here if you are talking about a question that is getting our audit and any force talking about our body are Ava Court like a structure we can see that these are Court like or string like a structure of basically this will be our Court like or the string like a structure and the example of the connective tissue like cover connective tissue and 30 Court like connective tissue will be present in between the Here they will attest to the capillary muscle at the one end of the winter

muscle of the ventricle and another and they were attached to the evil that is our at your ventricular function of the audit and any portion of the function will be the it will prevent the version of at Rio into the atom here it will prevent our eversion of the atrioventricular valve into the Atrium that it will prevent backflow of the blood here it can prevent backflow of the blood during the winter will assist it will prevent the backflow of blood into the Atrium during our system that means our contraction of the ventricles so here in our question it is given that our rupture of God and that means of a cord and in a damaged hair

during this condition they are not properly working that means they can't prevent III version of the atrioventricular valve air so here are our correct answer will be the third option that is it will cause the research innovation or battery of the blood into that Riya during the winter cute sister I hope this answered your question thank you

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QuestionRupture of chordae tendineae:
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