Question : Round dance of bee indicates

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Round dance of bee indicates

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CourtshipArrival of queenLocation of flowers Location of predator.

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hello students the question here is that the round dance of The Bee indicates which of the following things while the see that it was in the year 1973 that there was a scientist who was named as professor call want to the language of the beast dance it was always seen that the be used to perform some kind of dances with this language was not the Decoder and now the profession he got Nobel Prize also for decoding this particular information which was early set to be it was it was proved to be right rights reserved the right information and it is in the the Nobel Prize given to him in the medicine of the physiology and that was in the year 1973 when he discovered that the scout 20 the scout 20 are going to perform two types of dances let's do types of dance the first dance was around dance round as is performed when a newly discovered food source is closed that is less than 75 less than 75 M when there is a

that means the location of flowers are less than 75 M so that means option number 3 head become the right answer for this question where is the other options which are given here let smart am also out of here we see that this is another dance which is called as a tail wagging dance the tail wagging dance was performed for long distance sources whether it was around as ordered a living as it was performed for the sources but it only depends on the distance at which the food source was present here we see the courts of the arrival of the queen of the location of the Predator was not the right answer only right answer this question here is the location of the flowers because it is a food source for the beast this is all about this query thank you

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QuestionRound dance of bee indicates
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