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Question : Ribosomes are also called as

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Ribosomes are also called as

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Text Solution

Palade particlesOxysomesF0-F1 particlesCristae

Answer :


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ribosomes are also called as the correct answer from the given options so ribosome as a cell organelle that I am fine in the prokaryotic husband as Eukaryotic cell the differences study prokaryotic ribosomes are 78 and Eukaryotic cells of 80s ribosomes structure of ribosome it looks like adrenaline structure give me the of iron they are involved in making protein per Walton Protein synthesis Sofia the first time please ribosomes were observed

as dense particles Undertaker electron microscope why George played in 1953 that is why they are also known as the particles option is a correct answer because oxysporum f F1 particle cristae all of these terms and what is related to the ribosome all these things are going to find inside the mitochondrion oxygen is also another name for the F1 particles and particles are necessary for production of ATP energy inside mitochondria and Christianity in folder which are formed by the inner membrane of the mitochondrion over here option is correct answer ribosomes are like granular structures involved in protein synthesis is a cell is not surrounded by any measure

on the first observed by George pahle we can also called underplayed particles

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