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Genetic Basis Of Inheritance


Reproduction blood theory of h...

Reproduction blood theory of heredity was proposed by

Video Solution: Reproduction blood theory of heredity was proposed by

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Step by step video solution for Reproduction blood theory of heredity was proposed by by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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QuestionReproduction blood theory of heredity was proposed by
Chapter NameGenetic Basis Of Inheritance
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students questions se reproduction blood theory of heredity was proposed by given options are optional option was a Greek philosopher and mathematician ok and he did not give any theory for reproduction that theory of heredity give the theory for Pythagoras Theorem right second option is a doses he originated the Cosmo Janak theory

Cosmo tonic theory and cosmogonic cosmogonic refers to the model that is concerning to the origin of either Cosmos either Cosmos call universe ok Sahi is also not the right option third option is Aristotle was the first genius scientist in history and he gave many contributions to all fields of philosophy and Science ok and he was the one who gave the reproductive

blood theory ok give reproductive blood theory in which he believe that both and female they produce reproductive blood but according to him male blood was more pure ok or we can say it was pura than the female blood is that when active drops of blood went to

reproductive drop of blood calculated ok tested form an embryo believe that the embryo had more male characters for dominant male characters why so because blood Wars theory dialogue female blood right so that we believe that the a that is being formed by two reproductive drops of blood of integrated getting together to the improved that is being formed that has more male characters and that is because the mail has a more pure pure blood than the female blood

theory given by number 4 is mafi geyser is basically a complete name as master lo swiggy alright and he was the first person to see animal capillaries and we also established link between the vein and artery ok from the given options after number 3 become the characters of the Aristotle was the person who proposed the reproduction rights theory of heredity and over solve equation thank you