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Class 11






Chemical Coordination And Integration


Refer to the given diagrammati...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Refer to the given diagrammatic representation of the machanism of action of a protein hormone. <img src="" width="80%"> In which of the following options correct labelling of A,B and C is given?

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Question Details till 26/06/2022

Chapter NameChemical Coordination And Integration
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello students the question is referred to the given diagram Attic representation of the mechanism of action of a protein hormone in which of the following options correct labelling of A B and C is given right so a given figure and in this we have been shown the ovarian cell membrane and this is a hormone which is binding with the receptor right and changes within the cell we need to correctly table A B and C in the question it is given that it is a protein that means it is a non steroidal hormone right and non steroidal hormones they cannot enter the cell and they bring about the changes by binding to a membrane bound receptor and then bring about the generation of

secondary messengers which within the cell so the non steroid hormone which bind with the receptor in the membrane as shown in the figure right and this will then stimulate the generation of secondary messengers write this will this hormone will first fall bind with the receptor which is located in the membrane of the cell after that within the cell the secondary messenger would be produced for example cyclic amp right and this secondary messenger would bring and then final cellular changes of vacancy biochemical changes which will finally result in the physiological action of the hormone write show

accordingly if you look at the options which are given to us a would be the secondary messenger so generation of secondary messenger is given here the right activation of jeans this is wrong second option is wrong third option against his generation of secondary messenger for a this could also be right but last option is wrong because it is telling biochemical response so we need to choose from first and the third option now coming to the labelling Bheem BRD seller changes are the biochemical changes accordingly first option would become wrong because these are not physiological changes be would be the biochemical responses which will be conducted by the secondary messengers and after these biochemical responses these final physiological response will would be seen in the cell show the correct labelling is option C A generation of secondary messengers is biochemical response and

C is physiological response so option C is the right answer

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