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Class 12






Human Health And Disease


Recognise the figure and find ...

Recognise the figure and find out the correct matching <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Recognise the figure and find out the correct matching <img src="" width="80%">


Text Solution

a-gametocytes,b- sporozoites, c-asexually, b-sexually d-gametocytes, a-sporozoites, b-asexually, c- sexuallya-gametocytes, d-sporozoites, b-asexually, c- sexuallyd-gametocytes, b-sporozoites, a-asexually, c- sexually

Answer : D


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Recognise the figure and find out the correct matching <br> <img src="" width="80%">
Chapter NameHuman Health And Disease
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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main question she is recognised as a figure and find out the correct matching and what is this figure actually it is a figure of life cycle of plasmodium life cycle of plasmodium life cycle of plasmodium now what does is plasmodium causes it causes actually Alwar Malaria it causes Malaria various types of Malaria along with their a certain times plasmodium like tertian Malaria is caused by Plasmodium vivax whereas our overlay Malaria is caused by plasmodium ovale and the software is caused by plasmodium falciparum so these are the two things a few parts of you varieties of which causes different types of Malaria now here it is a figure that represents our cycle cycle of the life cycle of plasmodium that to host

cost of the mosquito as a host and we have that our human as a host now here we see it's a diagram in diagram it is said female mosquitoes take up the official the mosquito part 1st year BSc first one to said identify the figure and Minds of the correct following we need to identify a b c d now here is there is a b c and here is H Di aukat sale letter signed it one by one now in a case of 8 is a diagram of the celebrate what happens in the mosquito the mosquito is in the most you to host ok so much to two hosts celebrity class 9 fertilization and development in the mosquitoes gut ok the mosquitoes gut and it's our measuring insective stages the much you are an infected

stages known as our supporters of the mature and ineffective stages and known as a base for rose royce escape from the gut and migrate to the mosquito salivary gland ok Charan the interactive stages are h poses with its came from the infective stages which extends from the got an integer library class so this is a so a Batan se h sporozoites we have done one that is what happens when another woman mosquito bites and other human the Sparrow was inducted with a b c and other human injected with what happens the parasites organza the sporozoite Neet syllabus with blood ke the sporozoites reach the liver is delivered through the blood flow of blood

now what happens a parasite that is our sporozoites reproduce asexually where it takes place in river it takes a sexual reproduction ok sexually in the liver cells and was Singh the cells and releasing into blood what happens after sexual reproduction takes place in the liver and assets burst ok cells burst and then it gets released into the blood so this is our being so maybe there's a sexual reproduction which occurs in our liver now what happens after the cells are released in the blood now what does the parasites that is parasite when a release in the blood they reproduce asexually in the red blood cells into blood the parasites reproduce sexually in the blood cells how did reproduce in the blood blood cells reproduce sexually sexually into red blood cells causing

cycles of basing the Edwards was first introduced in the dresses busting Red Buses causing the cycles of river and other symptoms of the now what happens release parasites in fit new red blood cells some red blood cells are affected in which sexually the parasites are produced and there are the bus the Overseas now what happens if these parasites affect other other outlets and sexual stages in sexual changes as a staged gametocytes actually develop in so gammat developed after this in the blood sugar of C will be sexual says and I will be our gametocyte ok ok now 20 gametocytes to develop now this damage decides what happened the female mosquito when again B the human the human with the camera sides

the take up the cam exercise with the blood Mein ok so we got our options and the cycle what happened fertilization in the take place and develop fertilization and development takes place in the mosquito gut and the cycle continuous ok so there's a four options we got a sporozoite sexual and see sexual disease diameter site so is for those as these gametocides 20 a sexually sexually so correct option is number 2


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