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Class 12






Ncert Exemplar Questions +1 (Morphology Of Folwering Plants )


Rearrange the following zones ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Rearrange the following zones as seen in the root in vertical section and choose the correct option. A.Root hair zone , B.Zone of meristems C.Root cap zone , D.Zone of maturation E.Zone of elongation

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Text Solution

C, B, E, A, DA, B, C, D, ED, E, A, C, BE, D, C, B, A,

Solution : (C) Rootcap zone : It provides protection for the growing part of the root and secretes sticky mucus and soften the soil so the root grows. <br> (B) Zone of meristems : The cells of this region divide repeatedly in the region of densely arranged cells. As a result, growth of root Occurs. <br> (E) Zone of elongation : Divided cells undergo elongation and enlargement and are responsible for growth of root in length. These cells never divide further. <br> (A) Root hair zone : Root hairs are produced in this region and grow. It helps in absorption of water and minerals from soil. <br> (D) zone of maturation : The cells of root of this region are completely divided and mature and perform various functions of the root.


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Chapter NameNcert Exemplar Questions +1 (Morphology Of Folwering Plants )
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello friends let me explain the question to know the questions is rearrange the following June as seen in the root in vertical section and choose the correct option a root heroni b zone of meristems SI root cap round the zone of maturation Jonno elongation that we are given with 4 options in the sequence of these don't we need to find out the correct option for the sequence of these zones so let's see if we talk about Route in vertical section so if you talk about Route in vertical section so in case of fruit the first part is root cap or we can see the root cap June then after root cap John theories region of meristematic activity

June of meristems then there comes June of male x and after June of meristems then we have reason of elongation or we can see the zone of elevation and after June of elongation afternoon of elongation there comes the root Hair Zone and after root Hair Zone There comes a reason of maturation of the zone of maturation maturation now if we see the order show root cap juniors she then we have June of meristems which is B

then we have known of elongation which is it then we have root Arjun which is lost is zone of maturation which is D so if you check the correct option should the correct option to this question is option A in which the sequence is first is then we then we have eat then you have a then we have De so this is the correct sequence of root in vertical section of the Jones of root in vertical section and that's all the explanation to this question thank you


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