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Class 11






Morphology Of Flowering Plants


Rearrange the following zones ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Rearrange the following zones as seen in the root in vertical section and choose the correct option. A.Root hair zone , B.Zone of meristems C.Root cap zone , D.Zone of maturation E.Zone of elongation

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Text Solution

C, B, E, A, DA, B, C, D, ED, E, A, C, BE, D, C, B, A,

Solution : (C) Rootcap zone : It provides protection for the growing part of the root and secretes sticky mucus and soften the soil so the root grows. <br> (B) Zone of meristems : The cells of this region divide repeatedly in the region of densely arranged cells. As a result, growth of root Occurs. <br> (E) Zone of elongation : Divided cells undergo elongation and enlargement and are responsible for growth of root in length. These cells never divide further. <br> (A) Root hair zone : Root hairs are produced in this region and grow. It helps in absorption of water and minerals from soil. <br> (D) zone of maturation : The cells of root of this region are completely divided and mature and perform various functions of the root.


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Chapter NameMorphology Of Flowering Plants
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this question and this question we are asked to rearrange rearrange the following zones as seen in the root in vertical section and choose the option of meristems zone of maturation and eat zone of elongation start with capsule to the root root root root Apex 36362 aaj to soft in the hearts of oil for the growth of the route

move to the next after marriage time right of the Meristem other each other meristematic activity is basically this zone of Meristem where the cells are actively dividing it consists of the actively dividing cells that result in to the root growth right that result in to the root growth is owner of along action that's where the divided cells that grow in size right divided self basically grow in size and elongates was to increase the length of the root and they cannot provide further

dried fruit is basically arises and crow in the sheet basically in water and mineral write water and the mineral absorption this part basically involved in the absorption of maturation of maturation where the cells of the route at the region Adhyaksh region are fully differentiated write the cells are fully differentiated and performing different functions of the root cause is given to us under option one that CPA ENT as per their rights

transfer your Asi option what right


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