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Class 10






Nervous System


Re-write in correct logical se...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Re-write in correct logical sequence : Motor, neuron receptor, sensory neuron, effector, association neuron. (Pathway of nerve impulses)

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Chapter NameNervous System
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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today we will discuss the new question the questions that that reside in correct logical sequence here first is motor second is neurone third sensory neurone fourth effector and the fifth is associated Association neurone now the question that pathway of the nerve impulse now indirect is a question are clearly that it want to say that what is a pathway of the nerve impulse we already know that that first what happened firstly there is 1 receptor there is a 1 receptor who respect the stimulus Orissa after the after receptor there is a sensory neurone there is the transparent neurone now sensory neurone is important because it helps in reaching the signal to The

Nervous System after sensory neurone there is also is a one Euro in which is known as a associated neurone which type of your it is associated as stated on the function of the associated neurone is to add the signal to reach the nervous system associated neurone sometime it is also said that as a seat in your is also sometimes that in turn on what is internal on the week and very precisely say that it it is also known as enter neurone after inter neurone there other neurones that is present which is motor neurone motor motor neurone after motor neurone disease are another new on with what happened now now one thing that you should keep in mind that after the associated neurone the signal reach to the motor neurone and lower motor

neurone reach the signal to the effector to whom to the effector to the effector now one thing that you should keep in mind that receptor receives the signal for a stimulus it reached the sensory neurone transfer in neurone take it to the associated neurone associated you don't take it to the motor neurone of the motor neurone is the signal that come from The Nervous System after that it reach to the effector and the it lead to what it lead to the contraction of muscle contraction or we can see that this reaction opposite to that of receptor if we look at the portion of our first is the hour we look at the pattern the first is a motor Hero Honda chapter first because first visit have done your own after that what happens after that this is a sensory neurone

and after sensory neurone disease Association known as well to the third after association and during the fourth and the last is motor neurone as you already said and after the motor neurone the fifth is effective to this is the pathway which is usually used for the nerve impulse thank you

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