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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Marchantia FunariaDryopterisNone of the above.

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here's the question asked that ramenta occur in ok no the four options are given here the first option is marchantia or we can say that mark NTR because you are only at his side and S is Chunariya third is dryopteris and the last in the fourth is a none of the above discussed that what is what is the function of the point where it is actually talked about this word from any student and how many student does not know about this time because sometimes this term is also not even in the NCERT as well reminder is defined as a which is just like our skills on only we can say that brown skills on the devious it is nothing but brown skills all you what is the function of this is why this is a particular is present on the particular leaves of a plant want to help me what they do is that that it is display hairstyle look and when you

study their morphology they are just like a hair like structure real I really like structure but they do is that that this hair like a structure that as we already understand that their present over the leave so they protect it from external injury protected from external injury axonal injury mean to say that that there are certain kind of organism which tried to destroy the particular plant so this here like structure they have the responsibility that to protect them from this type of injury ok if another aspect of this particular ramenta is that that it is usually checked in nature that is safety in nature this is another or we can check in nature missions mean to say that they are present at the in the grouping path for example with thick very simple example is the leaves and this leave

their the structure of present just like that mean to say that they are present in the group so please don't confuse you look at our option the first option is the first of India given here is the funeral of you never look at our country is not because here the remainder is not present this is not a g h s s Chunariya against malaria is not because here again it is not more than 70% in the selected plants that for example dryopteris hair the remainder is actually present so this is a right option is option number 3 thank you

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QuestionRamenta occur in
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