Question : Protons for the formation of ATP first pass from

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Protons for the formation of ATP first pass from

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`F_(0)` part`F_(1)` head pieceCyt cComplex II

Answer :


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this question the questions for the formation of first pass from different if you talk about electron transport in PC different complexes involved and one of the complex complex complex which consist of two subunits one not this one is known as the diagram of Odisha

now this is represented in a mitochondrial membrane outside of inner mitochondrial membrane and now in low concentration of hydrogen and outside telling high concentration of hydrogen atom of Hydrogen air condition now when did women hydrogen from its higher concentration to its low concentration and when there is transportation of moment of two hydrogen

then there is formation of ATP from physically active cell membrane protein and if not integral membrane protein which act as protein Plus and cross the other options here to Chrome

active mobile carrier and transmission electron complex complex now Complex 2nd which is also known as to the hydrogen electron you better not after 8 interrupt thank you

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QuestionProtons for the formation of ATP first pass from
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