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Protons (asNADH,FADH2) taking par in oxidative phosphorylation enter mitochondira as


Text Solution

Pyruvic acid
The correct Answer is C


Proton taking part in positive hospitalization interest Michael country what is basically respiration process does it take intake of carbon dioxide and take out Oxygen and Carbon dioxide this is called so we can also call this isn't metabolic process interest metabolic process the product of ATC which is
the full form of ATP In Dino Indian Science type of which is also known as it is also known as energy Galti there are two types of respiration include of 7 and which does not in future so the offer including preparation is called restoration
aerobic recipe the part of aerobic respiration glycosides glycolysis s k reps cycle under 3rd in electron transport hall process digital Oppo 9C
glycolysis Pound INR cytoplasm The Crystal cycle in electron transport chain oxidative phosphorylation is found in microphone Diljit the question again the proton has an exterior taking part in oxidative phosphorylation and does mitochondria the cytoplasm is entered in mitochondria bye
private highway mitochondria so the correct answer for the question the proton taking part in oxidative fossilization at is in mitochondria passage


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