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Class 12






Kingdom Protista (Unicellular Eukaryotes)


Protists having transverse and...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Protists having transverse and longitudinal groove in their theca are


Text Solution

Foraminiferans Radiolarians Diatoms Dinoflagellates.

Answer : D


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Chapter NameKingdom Protista (Unicellular Eukaryotes)
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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today's the question is produced having transfer allowed in Vignan Chika or afternoon Austin to read eulerian of autumn and then the correct dinoflagellate is the diagram of a dinoflagellate is a protein which belongs to the Phylum Protista Dyno protest belong to the Phylum Protista poses 21

the transfer pricing theory is the transit flat Neelam translate Platinum which may be which may be contained in a group like structure around the equator of the organism the singular translate planet is content in the structure singular this provide for motion and into the dinoflagellate the other is the longitudinal flagellum here is the longitudinal plan longitudinal flagellar

trailing behind providing little propulsive force acting as though and other characteristics of the dining plane in the world communication and structure classification of the dinoflagellates was based on their wall construction at Wall composition and structure composition and structure of the early classification of the dinoflagellates was based on the presence or absence of the early classification of the dinoflagellates was based on

the presence or absence of Arijit presence of a function of an outer shell covering visit outer shell covering for thicker thikka and the correct option is protest having transverse and longitudinal groove in their thicker are dinoflagellate on the other hand most of the red area

courses siliceous aur celestite cell aur jealous type cal Hospital so this is incorrect answer another of Dieting dieting devil boss's day 8 photosynthesizing algae they have a skeleton of miscellaneous material along with split like group or channel powder for

this is also the wrong button on the other hand on parents protect single cell protein single cell protein which cell we believed we made up of chitin also the wrong and for the correct of news like that so thanks


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