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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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(a) Gametophyte, monoecious, autotroph present in pteridophytes (b) Gametophyte, monoecious, autotroph found in bryophytes (c) Sporophyte, dioecious, heterotroph found in bryophytes (d) Gametophyte, dioecious, heterotroph present in pteridophytes

Answer :


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the question Se prothallus Is A and B are given for option and have to choose one right option so here is that it is a fun prothallus bearing sex organs and 3D r&r kar liya so this is our heart shaped organ and heart shaped organ and two years anterior and konja konja gametophyte it is the M fight which produces

exclusively present in pteridophytes their present a fight and which is the part of pteridophyte only and also they can be lost or dioecious which means in social plant plant bears both female and female at a time showing one plant both organ the present example

but that it is condition is also present in some exceptions like first meeting what is there in which two different plants to different plant plants that operate and female example it is an exception to the file which is said to me if condition is present in pteridophytes but as a exception in a love for their diagnosis nature and also

prothallus are autotrophic in nature they are autotrophic in their own food because they have photosynthetic pigments so in option you can you can see any option to be correct answer

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