Question : Prokaryotes are organisms without a nucleus.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Prokaryotes are organisms without a nucleus.

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hello Google the question is that prokaryotes ok are the organism without a nuclear so let us see the explanation to the statement OK when we talk about the prokaryote it is basically a typically unicellular it is basically unicellular organism and the unicellular organism it means that physically it lacks membrane nikal liya membrane enclosed nucleus close nucleus also in the three domain system based on the molecule and analysis

the prokaryotic the prokaryote are divided into two door men into two door men into two dormant ok one is the bacteria one is the bacteria another domain that is the that is the Taki Taki ok this Bacteria is also commonly known as you back Discom comes under the EU bacteria and archaea comes under the Archi bacteria archaebacteria from this explanation we can easily concluded this is the correct statement that is the prokaryotes are organism without A nucleus so

this is to how this answer your question thank you

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QuestionProkaryotes are organisms without a nucleus.
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