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Reproductive Health


Progesterone puill helps in pr...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Progesterone puill helps in preventing pergnancy by allowing

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ova formationfertilisationimplantationNone of these

Answer : A
Solution : Progesterone pills inhibit follicular development and thus ova formation.

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Chapter NameReproductive Health
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hello everyone lipstick the question to questions is tap the progesterone pill helps in preventing pregnancy by allowing over formation fertilization implantation or none of these so in this question we have to select the correct option out of the 41 so first of all what is progesterone hormone is progesterone hormone is known to prevent the pregnancy progesterone hormone the basic function of this hormone is to prevent pregnancy now the

question is how it prevent the pregnancy what is the basic mechanism behind this prevention of pregnancy by progesterone hormone so look at the mechanism 10 this progesterone hormone album follicular development follicular development which result to prevent ovulation that is ovule formation or you listen that it it mean it

result into prevention of over formation ok so progesterone hormone result the reduction of the over commission so what is this molecule design additional information just to know show this follicle is a start like structure present inside the ovary suppose this is a very and these are the small sac like structure fluid-filled sac like structure which is named as molecules of progesterone hormone is follicles and reduce the development which in turn result into

prevention of ovulation that is over formation and we know that this over means and a review and forget you fertilization and so if there is no of information then there is no fertilization so the mechanism is clear that progesterone help in prevention of pregnancy prevention of this ovule formation ok Sona let come to the question the question says that progesterone cal helps in preventing pregnancy by allowing ok so over formation no regestrone pill reduce the over formation formation

not allowed the OVA formation so fertilization no we have seen here that it do not allow other fertilization implantation no so none of these so cancerous none of the recent options are correct thank you

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