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Class 12






Reproduction In Organisms


Product of sexual reproduction...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Product of sexual reproduction generally generates

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Text Solution

A. new genetic combination leading to variationB. large biomassC. longer viability of seedsD. prolonged dormancy

Answer : A

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Chapter NameReproduction In Organisms
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students that's the question product of sexual reproduction generally agree that the product of sexual reproduction generate what is biomass options along the viability of children of prolonged reproduction occur due to the process of meiosis of the other name for meiosis is basically reduction division occurs due to reduction division or process process is basically associated with sexual reproduction because it helps in the formation of gametes are formed with yourself as the game is both of which basically then a fuse together these can be used together to form a new individual or we can say as I got initially ok and that tuition and basically just me or sales process

treating patients due to the process of crossing over or we can say to the process of recombination which state produce and yours is OK to the energetic materials were looking to create this where you are not present in and because of this because of the cost of the king and the combination is basically created the variation is correct but that is that that's been produced by the process of mitosis in which the Basil Basil differentiate multiple time to form daughter sir identical to each other also formation of class B is due to

of a endospore ok which basically provide nutrition because of the seeds can be remain viable for a longer period of time and honesty is not a b c and d are incorrect only one of the production thank you

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