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Class 12






Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants


Process of double fertilisatio...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Process of double fertilisation is advantageous to angiospermic plants. How?


Text Solution

Solution : Process of double fertilisation results in the formation of triploid endosperm besides a diploid zygote. The endosperm provides


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Chapter NameSexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students the question here is that the process of double fertilization is it wantage is to the ages so here we need to see that the double fertilization is a characteristic feature of angiosperms and it is not present in other group of plants Biology the advantages of it but before that lets see the process first so we have the same game in which the first male gametes is the pollen grains have got to Milte me to the first male gamete here fuses with an egg to form the High Court High Court on the girls a process of mitosis to form the embryo so far this processor Chali requires some nurishment for that purpose there is triple fusion which is taking place the triple fusion is the fusion of the central cell geet

Central cell plus second male gamete results in the fusion of a cell formation of a cell which is called as primary endosperm cell which undergoes a process of mitosis to form the nutritive tissue that is endosperm this endosperm is the one which is required for the Naresh ment of the growing embryo success nourishes the growing embryo so before the zygote starts its mitotic division to form the embryo there is sufficient amount of endosperm which is already present in the ovule so as to provide a short short nurishment to the growing embryo so that healthy and viable M you can be produced so this is how the process of double fertilization is advantages to the engines for Milk Plant because only due to process theory is

the formation of this need to tissue that is endosperm which is much for the development of the growing embryo this is all for this query thank you


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