Potato is (underground) stem because it


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Step by step video solution for Potato is (underground) stem because it by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


hello students in this question they ask that potato that is underground stem because it is so here we are having four of flight first it was his axillary buds second leg chlorophyll and third is does not be root and put it contain reserve food ok so if we talk about simple potato like we have to make a Potato here for that understand the concept to we see that this is the potato and what are the structure that we are making these are known as axillary Buds and we know that if something is having bird that it should be a time or in Time part we can know that the potato having potato having but
it should be less time to overwrite answer this question is the number one because potato is stem because it causes axillary bud or also known as eyes and the other option like legs of chlorophyll which is not correct does not be a route which is not correct because a root root also contain reserve food so this is also recovered as we know that it ok to put this question is option number one ok thank you

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