Potato and sweet potato have edible parts that are


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Step by step video solution for Potato and sweet potato have edible parts that are by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


questions for tatto and the sweet potato have edible part that that is the formula of SP that is analogous see that is a recent introductions and two species of the same first of all we need to know about the potato and the sweet potato if it talk about the potato and the sweet potato this is a Potato and a sweet potato ok so if you talk to the potato and the sweet potato we eat the edible part edible part in this potato and sweet potato is the part ok which store food ok if function is decidable but we eat at a function as a function of
storage of the food a function of the storage of food that means that function is same function is same in both cases that is per tatoo as well as in the sweet potato the function is storage of food but if you look the structure film structure the structure is different ok these organs are different structure with these organs are different structure so in the district in the structure is different so and the function is same such condition in which structure is similar is different
and function is same same we called it as a analogous organs what we called that is longest organ how we say that is structure is this potato is a stem where is sweet potato is a root Sudheer structure is very but the function of both have a similar function that is a storage of food so it is example of analogous option is analogous what is human organs in human August what happened the structure is same but function is different ok located in case of human organs structure is
same function and the function is different function is different type is known as hormone longest organism for human organ ok this is a recent introduction it is a long lost of certain species of the same genus no answer is analogous organs I hope you understand this explanation thanks for watching

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