Pome is a false fruit as


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hello students the question has his own as a false fruit and what is false fruit first of all that is not what is false fruit for Cruise is a fruit that is developed from the other ancestry part of the flower other than the ovary so they are the fruits that are developed from the data develop from the accessory or the other parts of the other on of the flower other than ovary false fruit like they are developed from
the thalamus receptacles so the food that are developed from receptacle is true and false fruit have to be talked about the options given the first option given here is a and O copies of cartilaginous so and took up maybe ka diligence or not so this does not this statement is not correct and the options given pericarp is in constant is present there and the outer layer of the fruit fruit is surrounded by the flashy thalamus this statement is correct here because increase of apple in the sea about Apple CEO thalamus is the in Apple thalamus is the edible edible
part which is fleshy so here are our third option is correct and if it talk about all the boxes option is incorrect option is circuit I hope this is clear to you thank you

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