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Class 12






Platyhelminthes-the Flat Worms


Pig gets infection of taeni...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Pig gets infection of taenia solium contains


Text Solution

Onchospheres cysticerciHexacanths Adult worm

Answer : b


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Chapter NamePlatyhelminthes-the Flat Worms
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello everyone and the question here is pic get infection of taenia solium contains the first of these oncosphere s SSC 33rd is sacrificed and the force is adult worm Saudi stainer sodium that is also called as Ho Paye form ok form and it causes intestinal teniasis and it occurs if the human being they feed on the infected RAW and cooked pork so pig here is the intermediate host which is the intermediate host and what actually happens when this page they get infection if they feed on the contaminated vegetation so when the feed on the

contaminated vegetation they get infected and what happened in the Pig body in the intestine of the Pig in the intestine the thick fog Lava that is called oncosphere so this is of heatsticks who larval stage that is also called as hexacanth to this Ankush it hatches it has an IT invaded the intestinal wall after invading the intertidal wall it migrate to the muscles intestine wall then it

migrate to the striated muscle and in the muscle going to the ST Circus so this is the larval stage which actually ultimately transferred into the human being so from here The Definite host against that is the human being and it ultimately grows into the adult step form adult poem and then attached to the small intestine with the help of your school that in the intestine it begins with the Ankush Prestige and in ultimately in the Pig itself in the masters it it grows into the

larval stage that is the city circle so that also happens in the pic and here we can take our answer that is the city circle course we get infection of Teri aquarium contain that is when it enters into the intestine cancer it grows in that happens also within the this will be the correct answer and also in correct option and adults form is also the incorrect correct answer here is option number 2 answers


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