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Photochemical smog related to air pollution , primarily contains


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oxides of sulphur & carbon monoxide
oxides of nitrogen and hydrocarbons
oxides of sulphur and CFCs
oxides and carbon and sulphur
The correct Answer is B


fashion hairstyle the photochemical smog related to air pollution primary contain the oxide of Sulphur and carbon dioxide nitrogen hydrocarbons oxide of sulphur or the chlorofluorocarbons of the oxide of carbon and sulphur here ok if we talk about the smoke here to smoke is the stereotype of the air pollution which is happening today now we have the photochemical smog this photochemical smog is also known by the another name which is the summer smoke right and the summer small is caused by the chemical reaction hair which is present aur occurring between the sunlight here we have nitrogen oxide and light nitrogen oxide + other volatile organic compounds we have volatile that means the easily catch fire volatile organic compounds when they react to each other the lead to the formation of this summer as more of the photochemical smog
and which leaves the airborne particles and they are the one which need certain kind of Residue was in the air and they are known as the airborne particles and the ground level Ozone here and Ozone is also formed here which is known as the bada zone here right now there are certain pollutants here we have the primary pollutants and secondary pollutants from the this photochemical smog if it ok for the primary pollutant so it includes the oxide of Nitrogen will include here the nitrogen oxide write it including nitric oxide and no hear it will include the Nitrogen dioxide so it is all about the nitrogen here and we have the another volatile organic compounds know if it ok what is secondary pollutants year so we have the proper pericos own here right tropospheric ozone
we have pant which stands for the peroxyacetyl nitrate here and then we have the elder hides also they act as a secondary pollutant for this particular photochemical smoke and this is one which causes very much irritation and the respiratory diseases due to what are the symptoms irritation to the Eye Skin and the respiratory diseases with the options we could see that they are the oxide of Nitrogen as well as the hydrocarbons


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