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hello student the question here she is a petromyzon belongs to the class so here we see that the Phylum chordata has got a Sab Faisla which is called as vertebrata and in this work the data file are there are divisions one of which is called as Ek Natha Natha means that these are the circular Maut fishes and the class here is a cyclist of matter that means your mouth fishes cyclomine circular am the word refers to the mouth of now with the other class here will be the authors To Bata no in the clinical thermometer we have to for the classes that is osteichthyes which constitutes the Bony fishes where is on the other hand the cartilaginous fishes are included in the chondrichthyes glass so here we see that the cycle to matter the circular Maut fishes the example of this is the lamprey so petromyzon on lamprey is one of the same thing right so it is the name given to the petromyzon
is a wrong option hereby BC certain features of the limbri it can live in the Marine as well as in the freshwater samarin and fresh both type of Habitat both parasitic and non parasitic species are there it starts out blood after host PC because these are ectoparasites on some of the fishes wiley see that the during the breeding it migrate to the freshwater that means for spawning on link exit is going to migrate to the freshwater where it lakes the eggs the alava will hear about it will undergo metamorphosis in the freshwater itself and then migrate to the oceans right so body form here will be it is a stout type of a body form and it may reach up to 1 m also the mouth is centrally placed here so mouth is centrally placed so that I got a ventral mouth while the other example of this class is the head fish which is called as the
Sahyog seat the petromyzon belongs to the class cyclostomata having the circular mouth this is all about this query so we can mark option number 3 as a right answer for this question select mark this answer as a correct answer thank you

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