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Morphology Of Flowering Plants (Angiosperms)


Persistent calyx attached to t...

Persistent calyx attached to the berry fruit of

Video Solution: Persistent calyx attached to the berry fruit of

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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pear applebrinjal mango

Answer : C


Step by step video solution for Persistent calyx attached to the berry fruit of by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.

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QuestionPersistent calyx attached to the berry fruit of
Chapter NameMorphology Of Flowering Plants (Angiosperms)
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questionnaire study persistent calyx attached to the berry fruit of pear Apple brinjal or mango hair types lesson answer if we talk about the fruit here so fruit is the product of sexual reproduction right and it is the product of the sexual reproduction which is seen in the case of the angiosperms here now if you talk about the sexually unit ever talked about the sexual reproduction unit in case of the plants that it is the flower here right hand flower it is divided into the four words and the four walls awaken Sadiq concentric layers right to the first is the cal X then we have the Corolla right then we have the Andrew Shim right intro him and then we have the Green ocean

right now if you talk about the Galaxy your so calix they are the sepals which are green in colour Corolla they are the factors which are coloured here right androecium is the male part which is statement right and the Green ocean is the female party wear and that female part AC ka rate and the base of the couple It is seen that there is the presence of a bulb like structure which is ovary right and when this ovary writes it is converted into the fruit here right now what happen if in case we have to tell about the persistent calyx so what happens when the fruit formation takes place to the fruit formation takes place from the ovary here right but the rest of the part calyx Corolla and the address Shyam they become dry right

after drying the get with their of and they fall of your right these parts they are not seen in case of the fruit formation here but the plant in which there is the persistent calyx that means after the fruit formation the calix is seen that is the brinjal here right and ever talked about the pear apple and mango the do not are considered as she buried here so that means they are all wrong here