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Morphology Of Floweringplants


Perianth in the spikelet of ja...

Perianth in the spikelet of jawar is represented by

Video Solution: Perianth in the spikelet of jawar is represented by

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Glumes Lemma Lodicules Palea

Answer : C


Step by step video solution for Perianth in the spikelet of jawar is represented by by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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QuestionPerianth in the spikelet of jawar is represented by
Chapter NameMorphology Of Floweringplants
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hello students let's discuss question perianth in the spikelet of Jowar is represented by glumes Lemma lodicules or failure first of all what is variant variance is the outermost part of a flower outer part of a flower which consist of catholics and Corolla CE and Corolla calix is represented by and Corolla is represented by petals so the fusion of calix Akola experience and temple is the fusion of sepals and petals can say table is the unit of variance is the reproductive part of

the flower it is known reproductive part and it forms an envelope surrounding the sexual organs consisting kaleksan Corolla forms and envelope around sexual organs of a flower now what is spikelet it is the inflorescence present in the river and if you talk about inflorescence inflorescence is a group of aur bunch of a number of flowers where we can see that a diagrammatic structure of cyclist is given and

here it is given the spikelet shows and outward form or outward structure and Florida shows floral organs inside and it shows floral organs now as we can see this structure which is Lottery kuil Lottery cules R2 skinlite structure which lie at the base of the ovary of a Grass flower including Jawahar so in the parent in the spikelet it is represented by product to the correct answer will be lodicules thank you students