Question : Pepsin converts proteins into ___

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Pepsin converts proteins into ___

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Text Solution

rennin proteoses and peptones amino acids lipase.

Answer :


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question here is study Pepsi and converts the protein in turunen proteoses peptones amino acids or the like Paisa write select query on sale now if we talk about the Pepsi it is defined as the proteolytic enzymes now what are the proteolytic enzymes the enzymes which are involved in the degradation of The breakdown of certain products they are known as proteolytic enzyme and ever talked about the pepsin so it is always form in IT inactive form and that inactive form is known as he Pepsi nojan Rai and this inactive form is converted into the active form which is known as the best scene with the help of the HCL of the stomach yeah right and this invention it is secreted by the Chief still of gastric write their discretion of the chiefs

all of the gastric pit now this 15 Gair involved in the conversion of the proteins into the smaller fragments which are known as the producers and be peptones here right so the Pepsi it converts the proteins into the producers and petals and the correct option here becomes the option to which is protein sources and detectors actually the thing is this is a proteolytic enzyme and if this is a polypeptide bataiye protein here it will try to convert it into the smaller fragments and smaller fragments care known as either the producers Audi peptones here right and the conversion it takes place in the stomach itself with the help of the HCL present in the stomach Kuchh converts the chief cell of the gastric gland secretion trypsinogen into the active form which one act on the proteins L V certain conversion here

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QuestionPepsin converts proteins into ___
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