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Class 12






Morphology Of Floweringplants


Parthenocarpy is useless for...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Parthenocarpy is useless for

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Text Solution

PomegranateCoconut  Mango More than one option is correct

Answer : 2

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Chapter NameMorphology Of Floweringplants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
Question Language
In Video - English
In Text - English
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Question Video Duration1m42s


hello given let's start the question of a questions is that parthenocarpy is useless for first respondent S coconut third is mango and put one is more than one option is correct to know if you are talking about our question that is regarding the parthenocarpy here so firstly if you are talking about a parthenocarpic to this is the production of fruits we can produce the fruit without fertilization fruits can be produced without fertilization and basically in this in this type of processes we can obtain the seedless fruits that means share these are produced without fertilization that means we can produce the seedless fruit so if you're talking about have a question that is a parthenocarpy is useless for sofa if you're talking about the first option that is formed when it so it is correct because in pomegranate

talking about the edible part of the pomegranate then here edible part of pomegranate will be the seed and I hear a VIP already said that from parthenocarpy can produce a citrus fruit so here this is disadvantages for the pomegranate if you are talking about our second and third option that is coconut and mango so here it is advantages as here it will increase the bulb of the fruit it can increase the edible part of the fruit survey correct answer will be the first option that is it is useless for the pomegranate I hope this answers your question thank you

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