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Ovary having basal placentation is


लिखित उत्तर

Monocarpellary bilocular
Bicarpellary, syncarpous and unilocular
Multicarpellary, syncarpous and unilocular
Syncarpous with two or more carpels.
The correct Answer is B


hello questionnaire to be having the basal placentation is about the basal placentation example that present in the family different in family family condition is so easy example of restoration near by category by along with the condition which means that here
picture contains 3 single anatropous ovule contain single toppers it means that it is present here and say that the ovule is a tag and due to this it becomes the ovary having the representation in condition that we can see that the right answer for question is option number 21 and urine
presentation by the then the multicarpellary it is also not a feature of basal placentation here this option is incorrect after the syncarpous with two or more cells is also incorrect number


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