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Orchid seed is (non endospermic or endospermic)



shoot the question is orchid seed is non endospermic or endospermic to first of all what is non endospermic and endospermic seed Indus Public School Hisar those that have an interest in the mature seed the endospermic seed do they have an Indus perm perm present in the sperm present in the mature seed in the mature and these are still AC oily surrounds the embryo and endosperm is Plassey oily and surrounds them and it functions as the source food storage organ the endosperm is placing
oily and functions as food storage wood storage organ and inside the seed coat a thin paper ecotile done is present the total done the total done is and papering endospermic seed next one is non endospermic seed sowing case of non endospermic seed simply the endosperm is absent the seeds do not have an interest form in the mature sit here endosperm in absent and the cotyledons and thick and fleshy
total dance here are hik hik and placing and the total done they function as the soul food storage organs the kutail Dun Dun function as wood storage food storage organ endospermic and non endospermic seed know the Orchid seeds the dust like seat of orchid they have no Indo sperm Orchid seeds for kid seeds have no Indo Farm so here we can say that the orchid seed is non endospermic this is our answered here


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