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Class 12






Mock Test 13


Oogamous reproduction in algae...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Oogamous reproduction in algae involves

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Text Solution

Male gamete- motile, female gamete - non-motilemale gamete -non-motile, female gamete motilemale gamete- non-motile, female gamete non-motileBoth(1) and (3)

Answer : D


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Chapter NameMock Test 13
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello students equation here says that the programmers reproduction in Algae in walls which of the following while reproduction in Algae can be either vegetative reproduction is take place by means of fragmentation it can be is sexual also which take place by means of formation of a sexual force the most common of Asexual spores is used force while when we talk about the sexual reproduction in case of algae it is of three types it can either be isogamous in case of isogamous the gametes are of similar type they are morphological so identical to each other that it cannot be made out that which is the female gamete and which one is the male gamete so the gametes are very very similar to each other morphologically right to in this case we see that in Aisa Gami the example of this is to give it can either be flagellated are similar in size

aur non flagellated but similar in size exercise here will be similar and example of this is chlamydomonas or it may be spirogyra where are the second type is a anisogamous in case of an iso G the gametes are of different size fusion of to give me to Chanda similar in size occurs in some species of chlamydomonas also so this is the example the chlamydomonas comes to provide the moon is shoes isogamous where the others to species will show the anisogamous type of reproduction while the third type which is discussed here in the question is the program is type in case of programmers there is a small motile male gamete which is different from the large

non motile female gamete this is just like which is present in the human like a small sperm which is motile and a large which is not what I do it is a similar case which occurs in the algae to this type of reproduction here will be called as programmers select the right option for this question so here we see the right option chicken Market option above and beyond built it is small and it is non it is motile and female gamete is normal tiles option number one can be marked as the correct option while the sea the other options The milky M written as non motile which is not right so here these two options are the wrong ones the year programs in Algae the right option is option number 1 this is all about this query thank you


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