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Class 12






Biodiversitt And Conservation


One of the ex situ conservatio...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: One of the ex situ conservation methods for endangered species is

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Wild life sanctuariesbiosphere reserve CryopreservationNational Park

Answer : C

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Chapter NameBiodiversitt And Conservation
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question here is that one of the next two points official method for the endangered species wildlife sanctuary Biosphere Reserve cryopreservation of the national parks talk about the method of the protection and the preservation of the nature and natural resources and for the conservation of the national species we have two types of conservation the first one to conservation by another one is the exit 24 conservation the type of conservation which is actually happening in their own Habitat the habitat and the natural habitat of bahut pyar se animal species if the conservation is done in that particular area that is easy to handle this conservation here and if it done outside the their Natural Habitat that it is necessary to conservation here if you talk about the example of ec2 bodies then we have the wildlife sanctuaries here we have the biosphere reserve and have been lost

write any topic for the XE 21 hair so we have the case of the Poland Poland thanks are the banks where we can actually store b c d low temperature which is minus 196 degree Celsius here and that is for the cryopreservation right we have the Botanical Garden near and then we have the Zoological Park to all of these are the area where actually remove the plant the animal species to their new area here outside their Natural Habitat Ali cryopreservation is one of the match video this is a method in which we actually go for the preservation of any kind of seat cells or the tissues is extracted from both plants and animals it can be stored the low-temperature which is of -1 96 degrees celsius because the temperature is very much favourable for the preservation of their variability

viability here I am talking about the survival for the survival here the minimum kind of temperature is needed wishes

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