Odd one out w.r.t. origin


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hello everyone this question to the question says odd one out with respect to origin of a given to of Rs 25 microglial cells for we all know nervous tissue is made up of two types of cells category is known as the Nerve cells which are also known as the neurone and other cells neuro neuroglial cells are the other category of the various examples of the rog Laya for example if two sides
oligodendrocytes micro blouse which we protect and provide nourishment to the New York NY 11050 satellite cells we all know that the origin of the nervous tissue is from the neuroectoderm nervous tissue original during embryonic development
the actor was issued during embryonic development but there is one exception what is the exception in this microglial cells Excel next microglial cells they are aliphatic cells or they are resident macrophages in the central nervous system causes in Central talk about the origin of microglial cells
original Sandeep microglial cells originate from embryonic origin as the surface of the blood and microbial cells original microglial cells is to every talk about the question odd one out with respect to origin to the correct answer be microglial cells because they originate from the reason and rest of the cells of the nervous tissue they originate from the number 2

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