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Nutrient immobilization...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Nutrient immobilization

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nutrient incorportiona in microbes so that they become resistant to leaching or washing outnutrient incorporation in microbes facilitating their leachingwater soluble inorganic nutrients percolate into soil horizon and get precipitated as unavailable saltswater soluble organic nutrients percolate into soil horizon and get precipitated as available forms

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Chapter NameEcosystem
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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the question the question says that the nutrients immobilization so in the question we have given the four option for the nutrient immobilization and we have to choose the correct fit for the statement of the new tric immobilization OK what is this process refer to this process refer to this nutrient immobilization is the process which is completely opposite of the mineralization ok so what does this mean this mutant immobilization is a process of uptake of the nutrient ok uptake of the nutrients by the microorganism that is present in the soil ok and then

these microorganisms convert the day convert the nutrient that is In alternating current into the organic one ok the facility the convergent they facilitate the conversion of the nutrient with the incorporation into the cell ok bye along with the incorporation in which said it meets the nutrients and available nutrients are unavailable in the soil for the pick of the plant ok this is about the mutant immobilization look at the first option in the first option their thing that the Limited incorporation in the microbes so that they become

sent to the listing order washing out this seems to be correct because this statement is also saying the same thing that you can't incorporate into the microphone and then they are not available for the fleeting OK what is living here to listing is a process which is explain in the option number 3rd that is the water soluble in organic mutant calculating the soil Horizon and then that precipitated as a unavailable at option is the region 1 ok so this is incorrect one now in the options are saying that the mutant incorporation the microbes facilities and leading to in the Newton immobilization there is a known mutant available for the meeting of the second option is incorrect now look at the Fort won in the photo and they are saying that the organic mutant calculate into the soil Horizon so there is a known mutant which is calculator

the soil Horizon that is good down into the layers of the soil is also the incorrect 12 the correct option of the correct statement that fit for the nutrient immobilization is the was the first option is a correct one thank you

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