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Question : Number of fertilized eggs in ootheca of Cockroach is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Number of fertilized eggs in ootheca of Cockroach is

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16 pairs in two rows 16 in two rows 10 in one row 8 in two rows

Answer :


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student question given a number of fertilized eggs in ka of cockroach is our auctions r16 tyres in 2016 in 2010 and bro and now here Ruchika did Mr male reproductive organ of the Cockroach and in this product which is known as I wanted it lies are carried to the Cockroach carried the fertilized egg in and sometimes we carry Red Hat and Cockroach Oggy and the Cockroach Cockroach Kan haba 14 to 16 times in one at a time and d16rr

which are arranged in two rows which makeup is at present in the a into rows that makes 32 at this option can in one row which will be 27 inch into rows into rows total 16 at that date

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QuestionNumber of fertilized eggs in ootheca of Cockroach is
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